Welcome to the New Website!

Well, we finally took the plunge and converted our website to a more modern architecture. We’re very excited about the possibilities this opens up and look forward to your comments and suggestions. Now we can update content more frequently and interact with you more fully. Along those lines, we invite you to register as a user by clicking the appropriate link on the right side of the window. Please also consider adding our RSS feed to your bookmarks to keep in touch with qst’s latest developments.

Thank you for visiting! It’s a brave new world.

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  1. Nicci says:

    Jeff, great changes! It’s all so much more user friendly and enjoyable to browse. Especially the format changes to the picture gallery. Gracias!

  2. Eric says:

    Looking much better. Could use a few more small tweaks but overall MUCH more professional. Good stuff.

  3. Brave New World……welcome to “The Neverhood”..when will YOU be on Thad?

  4. Just finished Sex on the Moon and wondered what the follow-up was. Did you ever find Tiffany? or Sean? Are you married? Doesn’t the notoriety in your life hinder your research? I used to hang out at MIT with husband number 1 (now I’m on 3) and was hip-deep in physicists. Do they recognize your research? Would love to find out……

    • Thad Roberts says:

      Thank you for your questions. I did get to communicate with Tiffany a little after getting out. She has moved on and, I hope, is as happy as can be. Since the formal mathematical construction of qst is not yet complete, most physicists have heard very little about it. Scientists today are trained to develop theories via the inductive method instead of the deductive method as Einstein did, so it will take a little work to get them to give it a serious look before finishing the math. Worth the time and effort though :-)

  5. Tried to get a picture. Where the #$* is it?

    • Jeff Chapple says:

      Pictures can be found in the galleries section which can be found on the home page of the site.