Exploration – the foundation of science

In this month’s video team death punch goes skydiving for the first time, successfully reaches last month’s balloon crash site, retrieves video footage of a sunset from 106,000 feet, explores waterfalls within the intermountain west, experiences canopy open flight in a Grumman Cheetah, and more. In the process we discover a little more about each other and ourselves.


We have come to believe that the goal of sneaking a peek beyond the great veil is entangled with the way in which we are personally introduced to the big questions. Expanding that introduction is vital.


To join team death punch, simply add one of us on Facebook and ask to become a part of the team. Our goal is to bring personal adventure back to science, to reauthorize the world to be a part of life’s great adventure. We believe that this goal is obtainable because we have all come to understand that a simple question, a simple flush of inspiration, can spark a completely new personal journey. Which experience will open your mind to new possibilities? What campfire question will change your world?


To expanding humanity’s horizons!




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  1. Phil Emmi says:

    Wow! Way better than reality tv.