Plains Milky Way

Beautiful and inspiring!!


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  1. Greg Yount says:

    Beautiful – your effort is greatly appreciated. Forgive me, but this reminds me of a puzzle I received
    recently which overwhelms my knowledge base but am determined to solve. (?arcs,?coordinates,
    ?SummerTriangle, ?logic) Here it is:
    2 parts. The numbers are the puzzle and the photo is a clue.
    (8)46,259,291 & 6)430,231 (4)11,651 & (6)2,156,602
    (6)4,390,110 (4)11,651 & (6)2,156,602
    (4)11,651 & (6)2,156,602
    Photo is from WSJ article by Author Mike Brown called Stars of Wonder, Stars of Night indicating picture was
    from Photographer Michael A. Rosinski from July 20, 2011 in Hartland, Michigan and was on a
    3 hour delay (capturing star trails and fireflys).
    Link to picture: