Science – a personal adventure

This video documents adventures that Team Death Punch has weaved into their lives of intense study during the month of May, 2011.

Team Death Punch is a group of young scientists (physicists, astronomers, chemists, mathematicians, anthropologists, geologists, philosophers, engineers, and linguists) that are putting a new face on science. They have dedicated themselves to re-injecting an element of personal discovery into this human endeavor we call science. TDP believes that the scientific journey can bring richness to humanity. By getting out there and trying new things, experiencing wonders for yourself, allowing your imagination to be inspired, learning to ask the big questions and challenge your old beliefs, we can all enrich our lives. To make discoveries we must embrace the great risks and rewards of this personal adventure. To be fully alive we must choose discovery over safety, truth to ignorance, and action over comfort.

If you are interested in joining TDP please send us an email @ qst@mac.com


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  1. Remember me from airgas helium we discussed our common interest in balloon launches. Looks like you got your sunset from space. We just did eclipse from space. Any more launches, love to hear future projects of any type. Keep the dream going… Also curious what equipment you went with both cameras and tracking….

    • Thad Roberts says:

      Yes, of course I remember you. Please send me a link to a video of your eclipse from space. That sounds very intriguing. We still need to upgrade to the kind of equipment you suggested. We lost a lot of our stuff on the first run. Then, right after meeting you, we launched our second run and made the footage you saw. That was with a GoPro, that fogged up a little, and the expensive GPS, which failed disastrously, luckily gave us a single ping the next day. It took us almost a month of weekends to get all the way up in the mountains where it crashed. Then is was in the top of the tallest tree. Hard earned footage :-). Do you have any good links to info about the GPS equipment that you recommend?
      Right now we are exploring Central America. You can follow our travels at http://www.BeyondAtlas.com
      Keep the dream going.