Utah Adventure 2015

People: Angela Arvizu (Adventure Goddess), Anthony Verone (Filmmaker), Brad Boyer (Real Estate Developer), Crystal Baranyk (Artist), David Cantu (Head Honcho of Intergalactic Decisions), Dhal Glad (Nature Photographer), Garrett Lisi (Physicists/Surfer/Director of the Pacific Science Institute), Jared Potter (Software Engineer), Jeff Chapple (Behind the Scenes Alfred), Jeremy Slyh (Real Estate Developer), Jessica Dorman (Artist/Scientist), Johnny Wanda (Commercial Helicopter Pilot/Drone Pilot), Jonathan Farkasofsky (Audiobook Reader), Josh Bross (Technology Factotum), Laura Chukanov (Activist/Pageant Girl), Marc Jones (Adventure Photographer),  Marie Green (Geophysicist/Yogi), Marij van Strien (Philosopher of Physics), Mark Lawrence (Human Rights Activist), Matt Emmi (One Button Founder), Michael Yosef (Aspiring Movie Director), Patricia Wanda (Electrical Engineer/Yoga Instructor),  Sky Bennett (Finance/Photography), Thad Roberts (Physicists/Philosopher/Public Speaker), & Tyren Sonny (Cook/Artist).

Places: Zion’s National Park, Sand Hollow, Horseshoe Bend, Buckskin Gulch, The Wave, Peek-a-boo, Spooky, Lower Calf Creek Falls, Bryce Canyon National Park, Goblin Valley, Lake Powell.

Music: The Piano Guys, ‘Beethoven’s 5 Secrets

Drone Pilot: Johnny Wanda

Video: Thad Roberts & Johnny Wanda

If interested in joining future adventures, contact us.



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  1. Andy Hessler says:

    Awesome adventure. Great video. You have a great brand you’re building. I’d encourage you to continue refining and promoting you…being you. If Bear Grylls can do as well as he has eating bugs…you have great brand potential all your own. Much stronger potential than Neil deGrasse Tyson. (don’t be as hateful as he is).

    All the Best.

    • Thad Roberts says:

      Thanks :-)
      I’m not sure if this counts as brand building, just being passionate about things I love.
      And I agree, Tyson’s work can be great, but he has strayed too far from the philosophical roots of science to take too seriously.

  2. Weiqiong Bu says:

    Inspiring and awesome you guys had a great impact on me and will always encourage me to make my own active list of dreams and goals.
    Looking forward to having more adventures with you!
    Many loves,