The Quantum Space Theory Lecture Series continues

“Visualizing Eleven Dimensions” with Thad Roberts. A free lecture, Friday, October 2, 2009, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. University of Utah Student Union Building — Union Theatre, 200 Central Campus Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah

The cornerstone theories of physics, quantum mechanics and general relativity have proven wildly successful, yet the two theories remain fundamentally incompatible. At the heart of this incompatibility lies a question: “Are there more than four dimensions?” Modern string theorists are convinced that the answer to that question is yes, but they believe that it is impossible to envision the additional dimensions. They maintain that our mind’s eye will forever remain disconnected from Nature’s true form.

Join us to discover a geometric revolution that proves them wrong. Learn how to visualize the hidden dimensions of Nature, reconnect your intuition to the physical world, and open you mind to an all-encompassing map of reality that naturally integrates general relativity and quantum mechanics.

Our guide, Thad Roberts, invites you to this free lecture
in support of his upcoming book, “Einstein’s Intuition.”

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