Exploration – the foundation of science

In this month’s video team death punch goes sky­diving for the first time, suc­cess­fully reaches last month’s bal­loon crash site, retrieves video footage of a sunset from 106,000 feet, explores water­falls within the inter­moun­tain west, expe­ri­ences canopy open flight in a Grumman Cheetah, and more. In the process we dis­cover a little more about each other and ourselves.


We have come to believe that the goal of sneaking a peek beyond the great veil is entan­gled with the way in which we are per­son­ally intro­duced to the big ques­tions. Expanding that intro­duc­tion is vital.


To join team death punch, simply add one of us on Facebook and ask to become a part of the team. Our goal is to bring per­sonal adven­ture back to sci­ence, to reau­tho­rize the world to be a part of life’s great adven­ture. We believe that this goal is obtain­able because we have all come to under­stand that a simple ques­tion, a simple flush of inspi­ra­tion, can spark a com­pletely new per­sonal journey. Which expe­ri­ence will open your mind to new pos­si­bil­i­ties? What camp­fire ques­tion will change your world?


To expanding humanity’s horizons!




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  1. Phil Emmi says:

    Wow! Way better than reality tv.

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