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  • Einstein's Intuition

    Einstein’s Intuition

      ‘Einstein’s Intuition‘ is now available in soft cover from Amazon in black and white and full color,
  • Creativ


    Reproduced with permission from CREATIV magazine.     Words: Thad Roberts (Introduction by Jessica Cyrell)
  • Review of Einstein's Intuition

    Review of Einstein’s Intuition

    Here is a book that actually builds on the millennium’s old questions “what is nature”
  • Conversations: Part Two

    Conversations: Part Two

    Conversations: Part Two, debuts. The second of six ‘conversations’ on quantum space theory (qst). In
  • Conversations: Part One

    Conversations: Part One

    Part one of a series of video "conversations" about Einstein's Intuition and qst.
  • Impressions


    My personal impressions of QST, Thad & "Einstein's Intuition."
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  • Utah Adventure 2015

    Utah Adventure 2015

    People: Angela Arvizu (Adventure Goddess), Anthony Verone (Filmmaker), Brad Boyer (Real Estate Developer), Crystal Baranyk (Artist), David Cantu (Head Honcho
  • Twisted Passages

    Twisted Passages

    Team death punch discusses the finer points of quantum mechanics and explores some of Utah’s
  • Lost Realms

    Lost Realms

    Team death punch explores hidden secrets from lost realms and comes away with experiences that
  • Havasupai


    Preview: Team Death Punch discovers the wonders of Havasupai and Mooney Falls.
  • Experience - extending its range.

    Experience – extending its range.

    Team Death Punch experiences a wide variety of adventures and expresses their freedom.
  • New Grounds

    New Grounds

    Team Death Punch explores geysers and steam vents in Yellowstone, a Natural Slide in Alpine,
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  • Around the world

    Around the world

      ‘Einstein’s Intuition’ is sparking new discussions and revitalizing old ones around the globe. In this picture a scientist is reading his copy on the ridge above McMurdo station in Antartica. Keep the adventure going! Send me a picture of you with your copy to celebrate the spreading of ideas. 😉  

  • Einstein and Zion

    Einstein and Zion

    Team Death Punch follows Einstein’s advice and continues the quest by exploring the beauty of Zion.

  • Rogue Agent

    Rogue Agent

    Team Death Punch member Angela Arvizu (traveler, adventurer, snowboarder, skydiver, dancer, computer geek, and student) is a rogue agent led by curiosity.  

  • Immortal Spirit

    Immortal Spirit

    Team Death Punch member, Marie Green (Geophysics Ph.D. student, yoga instructor, rock climber, Antarctica scientist, and good friend) climbs a crack at Lake Powell and executes a spectacular dive.  

  • July Preview

    July Preview

    A sneak preview of Team Death Punch’s July adventures and discoveries.

  • Exploration - the foundation of science

    Exploration – the foundation of science

    In this month’s video team death punch goes skydiving for the first time, successfully reaches last month’s balloon crash site, retrieves video footage of a sunset from 106,000 feet, explores waterfalls within the intermountain west, experiences canopy open flight in a Grumman Cheetah, and more. In the process we discover a little more about each […]

  • Sunset from 106,000 feet

    Sunset from 106,000 feet

    Because the GPS unit on our first balloon launch failed, Team Death Punch set out to accomplish the mission of filming a sunset from 106,000 feet. Launching the second balloon from Sugarhouse, Utah we watched as our payload drifted to the east towards the Unita mountains. When the balloon reached 106,000 feet it popped, at […]

  • Secret Entrance

    Secret Entrance

      After an exciting day of mining for gem stones, exploring abandoned mines in the West desert, and squeezing into some tight places, we camped in a Team Death Punch hot spot for midnight cave swimming. The water level in this gurgling cavern was the highest we had seen.After exploring the cave we cooked brats […]

  • Eleven Dimensions Live in the NeverHood

    Eleven Dimensions Live in the NeverHood

    Join Thad in the NeverHood, a live, call-in radio show, July 12, 10 am PST.

  • Questions and answers:

    Questions and answers:

    I’d like to dedicate this page to questions that anyone out there might have regarding the axioms, tenants, conclusions, or insights of quantum space theory. Please send me your questions and I will do my best to respond via video. My hope is that this forum will be a useful resource for those that have […]

  • Bohmian Mechanics

    Bohmian Mechanics

      Consider the equation . This equation relates the pressure, volume, and temperature of an ideal gas. All of these concepts are macroscopic — meaning that on the level of the molecules that make up the gas the meaning of ‘pressure,’ ‘volume,’ and ‘temperature’ dissolves. One molecule cannot have a pressure, it cannot be said […]

  • Astronomy


    Gallery of Thad’s astrophotography, pictures of working and volunteering at different observatories, and TEDxBoulder shots.

  • Aviation


    Thad’s Aviation Gallery.

  • Biking


    A random collection of biking adventures.

  • Dinosaur Hunting

    Dinosaur Hunting

    Thad’s gallery about digging for dinosaurs and other fossils.

  • Hot Springs

    Hot Springs

    Thad’s photos of hot springs.

  • Inside the Earth

    Inside the Earth

    Thad’s gallery of underground adventures.

  • NASA


    Photos by Thad when he was at NASA.

  • Slot Canyons

    Slot Canyons

    Thad’s adventures in slot canyons gallery.

  • Mensa Lecture 2010

    Mensa Lecture 2010

    This is a rough video of a lecture given to the Salt Lake City Mensa group in 2010 at the main branch of the Salt Lake County Library. It outlines visualizing 11 dimensions and discusses some of the mysteries that are solved when space is quantized. The video quality is not as good as we […]

  • Nature's Pulse

    Nature’s Pulse