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With more than 100 figures inside. Here’s a sample:

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Acclaim for ‘Einstein’s Intuition’



“Thad Roberts has taken the cutting edge of science out of the dark caverns reserved for mathematical geniuses, and put it back on the street. This book will change the way we see the universe, ourselves as individuals, and society as a whole.”

~   Richard Hitchings


“Interweaving personal anecdotes and contemplations on theoretical physics, Thad Roberts takes the reader on a rambunctious adventure as he explores the development of new physics. It’s a captivating read.”

~   Garrett Lisi, Ph.D., Surfer, Physicist, E8 theory, Director of the Pacific Science Institute


“This book fundamentally changed my understanding of our universe.”

~   Matt Emmi


“Incredibly lucid. This book made it easy for me to understand scientific ideas I have been coping with all my life. His thinking is so vivid and so accessible, that you cannot help but conclude that he has almost certainly uncovered truths about the universe that most of us have never dreamed of.”

~   Bruce Penney


“With carefully chosen and precisely assembled prose, Roberts opens the door to the next age of human perception by proposing a theory of everything that offers real, intuitive explanations for gravity, dark energy, dark matter, quantum tunneling, entanglement, black holes, the Big Bang, and more.”

~   Craig Joiner


“Philosophically intriguing, visually stimulating, and a joy to read.”

~   Marie Green, Ph.D.


“By making his work accessible not only to scientists but to the general public, Thad makes an important step in closing the artificial gap between philosophy and science.”

~   Andreas Frickinger


“Einstein’s Intuition will open your eyes and expand your mind to the wonders of the universe. Thad shares his life, his love and his mind, and pours them all into his writing.”

~   Paul Brennan


“This work is mathematically beautiful and scientifically priceless, and the kicker is that it comes with a vivid and satisfying picture.”

~   Chris J. Wilshaw