A Universe From Nothing

This video is a beau­tiful intro­duc­tion to the mys­teries that have led us to pos­tu­late the exis­tence of dark matter, dark energy, the Big Bang, and so on. Led by the bril­liant author and physi­cist Lawrence Krauss, this piece gives a great overview of the process in which new ideas are born in sci­ence, the mys­teries that neces­si­tate those ideas, and the methods by which we under­take new head­ings in sci­ence and follow our curiosi­ties to new ends. As such, this stands as a great intro­duc­tion to the seeds that gave birth to the eleven-dimensional quantum space theory. I invite you all to watch this video and fan your flame of curiosity. Bring your ques­tions to my next lec­ture, and enjoy sending your rational feelers out into the isle of wonder.

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