Mensa Lecture 2010

This is a rough video of a lecture given to the Salt Lake City Mensa group in 2010 at the main branch of the Salt Lake County Library. It outlines visualizing 11 dimensions and discusses some of the mysteries that are solved when space is quantized. The video quality is not as good as we had hoped, but the content and audience Q&A are instructive. We chose to publish it for that reason alone. The beginning and end of the video were unretrievable and there is a 5 minute gap 2/3rds of the way through. Runtime is approximately 41 minutes.

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  1. Greg Yount says:

    I am not in MENSA, maybe could be. Regardless, i have had the experience late in age (58) to understanding little by little, but increasingly more and more about the very things Thad is discussing here. This and other recent revelations in science (physics) have brought me to the point where I am desperate to get involved in the discussion at any level because I am not in a profession or any relationship where my questions and insights are even understood.
    I would be sincerely and eternally(?) grateful for any communication or guidance by replys with email and/or phone contact or info. for finding such.

    • Thad Roberts says:

      You are more than welcome to be a part of the discussion. I sent a copy of the book to your email. I look forward to your questions and thoughts.
      – Thad

      • Jeffrey A. Leitz, FSA, CERA says:

        Thanks, I understand your explanation for quantized space and 11 dimensions (9 spatial+2 temporal). Would also like a copy of your book if possible, Thad, as I find it similar to my quantized financial equity immunization theory for eliminating market risk.

        Someone had a question regarding the xyz coordinate of a particular space quantum. If its xyz position is (3,3,3) will it always be so, or is that quantum going to relocate to a different xyz coordinate? if so is that random brownian or by what method?


        • Thad Roberts says:

          Hi Jeff,
          If a quantum’s position can be labelled (3,3,3) compared to some chosen origin, this technically only holds for a single moment. The state of space changes and evolves from moment to moment, which means the quanta of the vacuum move about and mix, just like the molecules of air do. On macroscopic scales the averaged properties of that state may be smooth and appear continuous, but on microscopic scales it becomes more apparent. From a four-dimensional perspective the mixing of the quanta will appear related to brownian motion, but not exactly because four-dimensional perspectives are blind to the spacing of the quanta, they only reveal the relative arrangements. From an eleven-dimensional perspective the motions are deterministic, in the Bohmian trajectory sense.
          Sending you the book via email.

  2. Sidney Cox says:

    Mensa member with an interest in hyperdimention physics and the perversion of Maxwell’s mathematical equations by Heaviside and the experiments of DePalma (spinning ball).

  3. Lukasz Filipek says:

    I am not in MENSA either; however, these these topics are riveting and I would love to be able to see the mathematics behind it. Would it be possible to get a copy of the publication? The more I read… the more I get a feeling that I am in the wrong profession.

    • Thad Roberts says:

      Yes of course. I’m also currently writing up an addition, deriving electromagnetism directly from the assumption that the vacuum is a superfluid. I intend to edit Chapter 20 to include this when I finish (in a couple of weeks). If you are interested in this please be in touch. I look forward to your future comments.

  4. Linus Lager says:

    I just watched your Ted talk and I find these ideas very interesting, and would also want to see some more math and theory. Would it be possible to get a copy of the book, it would be very apprieciated!


  5. Marcus says:

    I recently stumbled upon your TEDx talk and I thought it was very interesting. I have been intrigued by questions like these since my first lecture in basic mechanics. When i read the comments to this video I saw that people asked for your book. Is it still possible to ask for it? Could I get a copy? I would love to read it.

    • Thad Roberts says:

      Yes of course. It will come out in hard copy in just a few months, so if you have any comments or suggestions for improving it please let me know soon ;-). I’ll email it to you.

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