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  1. asxenamorris says:

    Hello Thad,
    I just heard about your live radio show interview and wanted to take a look here. Is that a shuttle Sim? Geeze man, your neat, but is all this for real? I understood your theory and your writing is easy to follow. Maybe I’m doubting myself, I seemed to understand it too easy. -Asxena

    • Thad Roberts says:

      Yes it is the one and only Motion Based Space Shuttle Simulator :-) I was fortunate enough to be able to log 7.1 hours of flight training in it. And yes it is all for real. Part of the point is that it is so intuitive once you make the conceptual switch to an eleven-dimensional geometry. That’s part of the reason my book is called ‘Einstein’s Intuition’ and it is the main reason that I am so enthusiastic about this new model – its visually accessible! If you are interested in reading more chapters let me know.
      – Thad

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