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Acclaim for ‘Einstein’s Intuition’


“Thad Roberts has taken the cut­ting edge of sci­ence out of the dark cav­erns reserved for math­e­mat­ical geniuses, and put it back on the street. This book will change the way we see the uni­verse, our­selves as indi­vid­uals, and society as a whole.”

~   Richard Hitchings


“Interweaving per­sonal anec­dotes and con­tem­pla­tions on the­o­ret­ical physics, Thad Roberts takes the reader on a ram­bunc­tious adven­ture as he explores the devel­op­ment of new physics. It’s a cap­ti­vating read.”

~   Garrett Lisi, Ph.D., Surfer, Physicist, E8 theory, Director of the Pacific Science Institute


“This book fun­da­men­tally changed my under­standing of our universe.”

~   Matt Emmi


“Incredibly lucid. This book made it easy for me to under­stand sci­en­tific ideas I have been coping with all my life. His thinking is so vivid and so acces­sible, that you cannot help but con­clude that he has almost cer­tainly uncov­ered truths about the uni­verse that most of us have never dreamed of.”

~   Bruce Penney


“With care­fully chosen and pre­cisely assem­bled prose, Roberts opens the door to the next age of human per­cep­tion by proposing a theory of every­thing that offers real, intu­itive expla­na­tions for gravity, dark energy, dark matter, quantum tun­neling, entan­gle­ment, black holes, the Big Bang, and more.”

~   Craig Joiner


“Philosophically intriguing, visu­ally stim­u­lating, and a joy to read.”

~   Marie Green, Ph.D.


“By making his work acces­sible not only to sci­en­tists but to the gen­eral public, Thad makes an impor­tant step in closing the arti­fi­cial gap between phi­los­ophy and science.”

~   Andreas Frickinger


“Einstein’s Intuition will open your eyes and expand your mind to the won­ders of the uni­verse. Thad shares his life, his love and his mind, and pours them all into his writing.”

~   Paul Brennan


“This work is math­e­mat­i­cally beau­tiful and sci­en­tif­i­cally price­less, and the kicker is that it comes with a vivid and sat­is­fying picture.”

~   Chris J. Wilshaw