Eleven Dimensions Live in the NeverHood

I am pleased to announce that Blog Talk Radio has invited me to participate in a live interview on Monday, July 12th, 10 am (PST). The focus of this interview will be to teach the audience how to visualize eleven dimensions and then to answer as many questions as we have time for. The host of this episode will be Ethan Tudor of the NeverHood.

The format will begin with an introduction to Flatland, where we will conceptually examine the type of mysteries that automatically surface when a four-dimensional universe (three dimensions of space and one dimension of time) is described in only three dimensions (two dimensions of space and one dimension of time). After we grasp the confusion that results from a dimensionally reduced perspective we will discuss the mysteries that persist in our four-dimensional description of the universe, (e.g., quantum tunneling, black holes, and dark energy). I will suggest that these mysteries might also be echoes of dimensional tenuity – artifacts that we continue to use to describe the eleven dimensions of Nature in only four dimensions.

I will then introduce the eleven-dimensional geometry in such a way that the audience will have intuitive access to all of those dimensions simultaneously. Once we are comfortable with that geometry we will discuss how it naturally resolves the previously mentioned mysteries (among others).

I invite you all to listen in and encourage you to call in with your encouraging questions. The phone number for the NeverHood is: (347) 324-3691. More information is provided here:


To listen in on the show visit the site above any time during the live broadcast and click on the “listen live” button. Or call in and select the option that allows you to listen to the show over your phone.

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  1. Thank You for being on the show Thad, you were a GREAT guest, longer would have been better. I sure would like to have you back any time you like. I think the listeners got a real kick out of it. Hope TED go’s great! -Ethan Tudor W.

    • Thad Roberts says:

      I’d love to do it again. Thanks for hosting the show. I enjoyed it! Talking about eleven dimensions is a great way to start the day. Just got back from teaching general relativity to a student, which was a good way to wrap the day up. Good questions make for open eyes and good dreams. :-)

  2. stephen says:

    it was the student for the latest projects .. to see. the updates .. thank you..

  3. Thad, This is the closest explanation of my view of the world I have seen. My view of the world also includes 11 dimensions. It appears to me your 9 geometric dimensions require a multiverse conceptualization of space. Each quanta represents an arbitrary space universe. I personally like the multiverse concept except I don’t think there is a future in its study. If I arbitrarily choose the visible universe as my space quanta size,… in order to see another quanta you would have to change the human perspective and travel through super space.

    There is another way to define a 9 dimensional space that defines both time and gravity without having to introduce super space. We live in one space, we can’t see any other space, we need a definition of space that does not require us to leave our space.

    I’m interested in your thoughts. Neil

  4. didier says:

    In flatland, Bruce Willis can escape his followers : he jump from a bridge, on a bus or on a boat ; his followers see Bruce disapear, and they don’t anderstand : they only know the two dimension wold, they don’t conceptualize two things on the same place, because of the bridge, an other dimension.

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