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Pilot wave theory and quantum realism

By Thad Roberts on Jan 16, 2017 in Featured, Quantum Space Theory

Consider this a warm up to our upcoming release 😉

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Comments (3)

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  1. "" Cole Harris says:

    This seems like a great site, just found it from a Ted talk about higher dimensions. I actually created the pilot wave excitement with silicone oil for my science fair project. These are my favorite subjects and I personally find pilot wave theory the most appealing

    • "" Thad Roberts says:

      Nice. Did you make any videos of your experiment?
      I totally agree… pilot wave theories have fantastic appeal.

  2. "" Clint says:

    Here’s a video of the silicone oil demonstration of pilot wave theroy.


    In case the link doesn’t work, search “Is This What Quantum Mechanics Looks Like?” for the video by Veritasium.

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