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Book reviews for ‘Einstein’s Intuition‘ by Thad Roberts.




"Screen “Thad’s writing is incredibly lucid. He clearly explains his new theory, and every major theory of the last 100 years. Thad made it easy for me to understand scientific ideas I have been coping with all my life. Instead of presenting his theory in the typical esoteric mathematical fashion, he presents it with astounding simplicity and conviction. His thinking is so vivid and so accessible to even the scientific amateur, that you cannot help but conclude that he has almost certainly uncovered truths about the universe that most of us have never dreamed of.  I cannot say enough good things about Thad’s book. Well done!”


     ~ Bruce Penney




"Garrett “Interweaving personal anecdotes and contemplations on theoretical physics, Thad Roberts takes the reader on a rambunctious adventure and explores the development of new physics. It’s a captivating read.”

     ~ Garrett Lisi, Ph.D.
         Surfer & Physicist
        Creator of the E8 grand unification theory
        Founder and Director of the Pacific Science Institute:  Maui, Hawaii



"David“In my youth, I was enthusiastic about all of science, but by the time I was twenty, I was very disappointed, especially with physics, because no one could answer “why?” I wanted to do more than memorize a multitude of equations—I wanted to understand how it all fit together. When they said it was unknowable, that Nature’s secrets are ultimately beyond human comprehension, I decided there were more exciting things for me to do with my life.  


After four decades, this book has rekindled the fire that college physics dampened. Now my passion for inquiry has returned and a new sense of vigor has filled my life. If you are a truth seeker, or just curious, or feel disconnected, or discouraged by science, or are a physics dropout like me, you should read this book. In fact, I encourage everyone—all ages and backgrounds—to read and think about what Thad Roberts has written here.”


     ~ David B. Mckenzie



"10301281_10152209974593030_2835108689338626350_n" In “Einstein’s Intuition”, Thad thoroughly questions the assumptions of contemporary physics and the contradictions arising between Einstein’s theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. He patiently examines all the observed irregularities in nature, which cannot be explained by our existing maps. From this creative engagement emerges a complete framework, unifying the two fields into one elegant map. The surprising conclusion: space and time themselves are emergent properties – arising from the ability of individual quanta to dynamically interact with each other. Quantum space theory points toward the possibility that our connection to the whole is far deeper than previously imagined. At the time of Isaac Newton, science was called “natural philosophy” and it was mainly concerned with reaching a deeper understanding of ourselves as a part of the universe. I think by making his work accessible not only to scientists but to the general public, Thad makes an important step in closing the artificial gap between philosophy and science. He contributes to the recovery of natural philosophy, which I personally think of as the only true science.”


     ~ Andreas Frickinger




"Screen “I first became interested in the universe, like many people watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. I didn’t really feel that I understood everything I saw, but it fascinated me. Later, as my curiosity grew, I was delighted that the Science Channel started to have more and more content about physics. Again, I felt that I learned everything they discussed, but didn’t get the “why.” I spent many sleepless nights thinking about how the ideas could make sense, especially Einstein’s rubber sheet and higher dimensions. The shows often talked about higher dimensions, but never once tried to show what they were.


So one evening, I searched YouTube and found Thad’s Ted Talk and was so amazed by how well he was able to explain the eleven dimensions in such short talk and no special effects. So many things just clicked in my head.


When Thad sent me his book I was thrilled, but when I saw that it was 500 pages, I was intimidated. I thought to myself, “why couldn’t this be short like Stephen Hawking ‘A Brief History of Time’?” After reading the first 100 pages, I knew the answer, Stephen Hawking didn’t have that much to say. After 300 pages, I was bummed out that the book was almost over.


I can’t pretend to understand any of the math included in the book, but I’m very sure I understand all the concepts. I actually feel smarter than most of the physicists on every Science Channel Show. Thank You!


I really hope that everyone that reads Thad’s book has the same experience I have had, but expect that many will choose to stay with their current belief systems and will be quick to criticize qst. Please don’t let this discourage you Thad. I think your new map is the clearest representation of nature I have seen and I think it will help many people better understand the world around us.


I’m looking forward to watching the world’s reaction and seeing Thad Roberts becoming as well-known as Albert Einstein. I will have a smile inside knowing that I got to be one of the first people to learn about qst.”


     ~ Jerry Blanchard




"Marie“Philosophically intriguing, visually stimulating, and a joy to read.”


     ~ Marie Green Ph.D.





“‘Einstein’s Intuition’ is the single most important book on Physics, Life and the Universe. Anyone that enjoyed reading Hawking’s ‘Brief History of Time’ will love ‘Einstein’s Intuition’. It opened my eyes to the World. In fact, if I could protect one book in the event of a fire, this would be it! I’m in love with the Universe.”


     ~ Snehan Kekre




"12800_426499804075859_9566956_n" “I expected a book about science, written by a scientist, and it certainly is that. But Thad is a poet, and his book is a work of art. It is beautifully and magnificently written. This may turn out to be my lifetime favorite book!”


     ~ Marlene High




"Screen “In Einstein’s Intuition, Thad Roberts describes a geometry that extends beyond the conventional four spatial and temporal dimensions. By presuming that space is not infinitely divisible, he hypothesizes seven additional dimensions at the quantum scale. Imagination and credibility are enhanced by his use of these to explain phenomena at the Planck scale of spacetime. Visualizing an eleven‐dimensional reality has been thought to be impossible. Yet Thad’s geometry facilitates postulation of hypothesis with extraordinary explanatory power.


The general reader is guided into a realm of imagination rich in sophistication and awe. The physicist is surprised to discover that the twenty‐seven universal constants can now be resolved into simple expressions of five Planck constants, π and a geometric number Thad hypothesizes and whose value he infers. Presented in clear and accessible language with wonderfully supportive graphics, this book offers the lay reader a voyage through the infinitely small and the macroscopically large. Yet, at the same time, Thad’s geometric postulation enables derivation of hypothesizes that will drive the next generation of experimentation in search of empirical verification. By bringing the lay reader to the forefront of theoretical physics, Einstein’s Intuition is indeed a rare gift.”


     ~ Philip Emmi, Ph.D.




"Screen “Since the 60’s I struggled to understand Einstein’s work and penetrate quantum weirdness. As I followed the evolution of possible explanations through the decades, I eventually came to grips with the theories. The evolution of thought in physics and cosmology, and the progress that has been made experimentally, has been amazing, but our understanding is still fundamentally incomplete. It is unsettling to realize that although we can see almost to the beginning of time and measure incomprehensibly small scales we do not know how things actually work. I became interested in Thad’s work when he presented a cogent explanation of a way to visualize eleven dimensional space. String theory and its cousins talk about higher dimensions, but I could never internalize those explanations of what those dimensions might actually be, which frustrated me greatly. When I explored Thad’s quantum space theory I was amazed to see that it truly offered an understandable way to visualize his proposed model. Beyond that, he has described a very different fundamental mechanism which, if proven, eliminates the current discontinuity between our fundamental theories. More importantly it defines a grander vision of reality from which our universe naturally arises and evolves, and provides explanations for the great mysteries that currently lie beyond our reach. Furthermore, unlike string theory, qst offers testable predictions. I recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding the grand scope of reality.”


     ~ Wayne Eskridge




“Thad Roberts makes a compelling argument for a higher-dimensional theory that really pushes the limits of imagination and challenges the presumptions of the reader. Qst offers intuitive answers for many of the big questions of science. The examples are descriptive and the explanations are presented in a way that even someone without foreknowledge of the topic can easily digest.”


     ~ Jim Wilbourne




"Screen “Einstein’s Intuition will open your eyes and expand your mind to the wonders of the universe! Thad takes you on a wonderful ride through history, from the beginning of the universe through its future. He takes you from the smallest units in the universe through the largest, both almost incomprehensible to the normal person. Thad’s writing educates and entertains at the same time, and his writing will open your eyes not only about the universe but about life too. Thad shares his life, his love and his mind, and he pours all of them into his writing.”


     ~ Paul Brennan




"Screen “Earth shattering. Universe unifying. In thousands of years of pursuing the quest for the holy grail of science, Thad Roberts has just reduced the remaining distance by many orders of magnitude. He has also taken the cutting edge of science out of the dark caverns reserved for mathematical geniuses, and put it back on the street. QST will change the way we see the universe, ourselves as individuals, and society as a whole. Welcome to the new world.”


     ~ Richard Hitchings




"Screen “With brilliant theoretical insights Thad Roberts explains, to an accessible level, a new idea about spacetime. Coupled with the delightful bonus of colorfully gripping humanistic tales of a life lived on the edge, be it in a NASA rocketship or within the cold walls of a Federal prison, Thad explores a new horizon of thought. Hundreds of years earlier, Isaac Newton unlocked major secrets of the universe and one wonders what stories that man might have shared if he had been able to communicate with the literary passion of the gems contained in the pages of Einstein’s Intuition. It could be imagined that Newton would be envious of the life that Thad Roberts lives, and that the likes of Newton and Einstein would be proud to consider him among their intellectual peers, were it not for that barrier of time. Quantum Space Theory stirs new hope that the innermost workings of our universe can be thoroughly knowable, offering the potential to rock not only the entire physics community, but also unlocking secrets that could eventually bring forth radical improvement to our daily lives. This combination of mapping previously uncharted theoretical bedrock along with his artistry in painting verbal tapestries that wrap the reader into the richest of life experiences establishes Thad Roberts among the rarest of genius.”


     ~ Chris Tuason




"Unknown"“I have always been interested in how things work and why. Today there is an endless stream of articles and books from all areas of science, but a lot of it confusing and unclear. The book ‘Einstein’s Intuition’ is different. This book explores new assumptions about space and time, and then builds an intuitive model based on those assumptions which turn out to address many of the mysteries of quantum physics.


Roberts’ life was possibly bound to produce this work. In his early childhood he had an interest in time travel. Through his college years and his time at NASA he had a fascination with astrophysics. Then exceptional events focused his time and determination to complete his model and get this book written. 


With carefully chosen and precisely assembled prose, Roberts takes the reader through the ages of humanity exploring the universe and highlights the changes of perception that occurred with each major discovery. The chapters begin with stories of personal experiences that led Roberts to an understanding of each subject, and this helpfully blends the everyday world and the theoretical realm. Quantum space theory stands out from other ‘theories of everything’ because it can be visualized as a complete ‘picture’ and offers real, intuitive explanations for gravity, dark energy, dark matter, quantum tunneling, entanglement, black holes, the Big Bang, and more. 


This book is a joy to read. The theory unfolds in a thrilling way, similar to hearing a new standout music track, putting us in touch with what may turn out to be the music of the universe, so humbly enabled by the writer.”


     ~ Craig Joiner




"Screen “Thad Roberts’ narrative style makes physics theory approachable to the non-expert. An amazing collection of stories that build empathy and tie theory to experience unlike science reading found anywhere else.”


     ~ Travis Horlacher




"Screen“The model that Thad Roberts explores opened me up to new and more intuitive way of comprehending higher dimensional physics, the behavior of gravity, and the melding of nature’s forces. It fundamentally changed my understanding of our universe forever.


All of contemporary physics books, the likes of those written by Michio Kaku, Brian Greene, Steven Hawking have left me cold in their explanations of gravity and higher dimensionality. Nothing they offer resonates with me the same way Thad’s descriptions and understanding do. I believe that this theory could revolutionize the world of modern Physics.


The most amazing part about Thad’s ideas is that anyone can grasp them. It does not require a PhD in the sciences. That’s something that truly would have made Einstein proud.”


     ~ Matt Emmi




"Screen “It’s like an entertaining textbook!”


     ~ Devyn Hepworth





“Physics has produced two completely different descriptions of reality, one for the sub atomic quantum world and one for the macroscopic world. The holy grail of physics is to mesh these theories together into one beautiful picture of reality! So why has it not happened yet? One reason might be that we’ve been convinced of our inability to intuitively grasp the solution. We use calculations we can’t relate to, and we’ve developed the idea that we can’t picture the answer (did you ever try and picture curved space? What dimension did it curve into?). What’s missing is more dimensions – if I ask you to visualize a new dimension though you’ll say you can’t, or it’s not possible. Just try adding a new dimension to what you know already. Your mind stalls at the prospect. Yet once we know how the task is simple.


Dimensions as you know come in 3’s and 4’s. x, y and z and time. Adding one more is very unintuitive but adding 3 or 4 at a time… now that’s more like it. The following analogy can help us get there. If you divide gold and attempt to go smaller than an atom you can no longer be said to be dividing gold (this is true of any element). Smaller again Plank informed us that nature has other, much smaller, quanta that come in fixed, indivisible lumps. So if we measure below a certain size we are no longer measuring in our world, we’ve delved into the sub-quanta. Here is where a modern theory like qst (said as a word it sounds a little like ‘quest’, the quest we are on) comes in.


Quantizing the world through the atomic hypothesis led to many scientific advancements. The idea here is to quantize space itself. Thad Roberts was led to the construction of quantum space theory (qst) by imagining space to be a superfluid that is made of discrete quanta, which makes his theory a specific version of superfluid vacuum theory. There is already a bunch of mathematical and theoretical support for the more general superfluid vacuum theory. Qst makes SVT more intuitively accessible to us with a very specific and clear picture. It’s a natural idea and has as much to offer the next big leap in our global understanding of who we are and our place in the universe as the idea of the atom did for explaining chemicals and DNA for species.


The uniqueness of qst is that, while mathematically valid, it is accessible to our intuition and that is where science is most interesting. A place where we can grasp the unimaginable and our place in the cosmos without having to understand the maths. The maths exists and we’ll touch upon one wonderful part of that shortly, but you don’t need the maths to enter the higher dimensions where all the great theories unite. You may instead allow yourself to move down into a world so small that you can no longer meaningfully go further. At this level picture in your mind how these un-splittable constituents have their own dimensions, ones they use to relate to one another and ones they use to describe their inner worlds. When you burst through what is too tiny for our dimensions to map you leap from the tiny to the unthinkably large. Now you’re at the outer limits of a vast universe looking inwards.


Quantizing space and following the groundwork of Roberts’ qst will provide open minded scientists alongside lay people interested in science and our place in the big picture an light speed quantum leap ahead to the enlightened intuitive explanation promised and dreamed of by Einstein and his peers. This work is mathematically beautiful and scientifically priceless, and the kicker is that it comes with a vivid and satisfying picture.”


     ~ Chris J. Wilshaw




"Marcus"“’Einstein’s Intuition’ takes physics beyond an uninterruptable set of complex mathematical expressions, making it easy to understand the underlying nature of our physical reality as it pertains to 11 dimensions. Roberts does an outstanding job of describing the evolution of physics over the course of human history to highlight the issues with each model and how the each successive set of scientific discoveries was able to overcome these challenges. Roberts then describes how QST can overcome our current problems in modern physics in a way that makes it understandable to anyone who has a basic knowledge of science. ‘Einstein’s Intuition’ makes learning physics, both the past and present, fun again. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has any sort of natural curiosity.”


     ~ Marcus Tofanelli




"eye" “An exciting read. A very compelling look at a different way of imagining the quantum landscape. It just makes sense, and the 11 dimensions makes it all seem to work, with no odd bits sticking out or tacked on like some theory’s do.”


     ~ David Windsor


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