Things To Do…

And Thad has a few plans for the future also…

  1. Live a life full of love, exploration, adventure and curiosity, pursue creative ideas, and continuously strive to be free from the dehumanizing effects of dogma and authority.
  2. Strive to improve the world by addressing the insecurities that reinforce anti-intellectualism, bigotry, and jingoism.
  3. Help create a world with enough compassion to make room for gender equality and sexual freedom.
  4. Share the insights of quantum space theory with the world and strive to formally complete its mathematical formalism.
  5. Earn my Astronaut wings.
  6. Help humanity move past justice ethics towards care ethics.
  7. Publish a book about my experience in prison.
  8. Inspire at least 10 people to chase their dreams and give them the freedom that comes from being accepted for who they are.
  9. Swim from Europe to Africa.
  10. Travel to 100+ Countries. (So far: United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Japan, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama (+San Blas Islands), Colombia, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Bermuda, Azores (Portugal), France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece, & Turkey).
  11. Never love to own, only to set free and share intimacy.
  12. Find a meteorite – fresh fall.
  13. Spend a year building security for the poorest children on earth, helping them find their passions.
  14. Chase penguins in a tuxedo in Antartica.
  15. Make a global treasure hunt.
  16. Help American’s evolve from justice ethics towards care ethics–publish a book about my prison experience, exposing the raw reality of what awaits America’s underprivileged under the current system of apathy.
  17. Sail Southeast Asia and the Caribbean.
  18. Live on a beach for 100 days. (76 days so far.)
  19. Spend over 3 hours in zero gravity collectively & make love in zero gravity. (Little over 20 minutes so far.)
  20. Participate in 20+ dinosaur digs (12 so far).
  21. Canoe down/explore the Amazon River from Peru to the mouth.
  22. Get liscensed for aerobatic planes.
  23. Put 3+ people through college.
  24. Circumnavigate the globe.
  25. Visit a Buddhist temple in Burhma.
  26. Break the sound barrier screaming.
  27. Ride a bike from Canada to Mexico.
  28. Sail the entire Mississippi River while reading Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
  29. Earn my skydiving certificate.
  30. Discover and name a new extant species.
  31. Publish in National Geographic, Popular Science, and/or New Scientist.
  32. Become fluent in Spanish.
  33. Make a deeply intimate connection with a stranger, in every country, without holding anything back.
  34. Backpack Europe (hippy style) for at least 3 months.
  35. Explore 50+ caves (39 so far).
  36. Dive with sharks.
  37. Explore the jungles of Madagascar.
  38. Earn my  helicopter license.
  39. Do a handstand at the South Pole and stand on one foot at the North Pole. (My good friend Marie Green spent a research season in Antarctica and did a naked handstand at the South Pole in my honor, and my friend Mark Walsh has helped me get to the South Pole by taking my story there – Thanks Mark!)
  40. Communicate with a Chimpanzee.
  41. Fly in a cloud with no wing for 10 miles+ over land.
  42. SCUBA dive the Great Barrier Reef.
  43. Fly a small plane through the Northern Lights.
  44. Participate in the Cape to Rio Race (sailing).
  45. Spend a month in Fiji.
  46. Discover Africa by small plane.
  47. Learn Chinese.
  48. Spend a month in Tahiti.
  49. Hike to the top of 20+ mountains over 14k ft.
  50. Send a message into space.
  51. Walk along the Great Wall of China.
  52. Fly a fighter jet.
  53. Work on a Clovis, or Kenyan site.
  54. Compose a CD of original songs.
  55. Raft and explore the Grand Canyon.
  56. Become fluent in Russian. (Chut-chut)
  57. Cross the Transsiberian Railroad.
  58. Learn to windsurf and/or kitesurf.
  59. Dig trilobites in Morocco.
  60. Paint a cave mural.
  61. Drive the Cape to Ciaro route.
  62. Name a star after a loved one.
  63. SCUBA dive below 300 ft.
  64. Become hot air balloon certified.
  65. Try every move in the Kama Sutra and pick my favorites.
  66. Explore Palau (Balau).
  67. Sail the Seven Seas.
  68. Master photography and astrophotography.
  69. Fly a glider.
  70. Explore all 50 U.S. states (48 so far).
  71. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro before the ice cap completely melts.
  72. Hanglide with a bird.
  73. Hike the Otter Trail in South Africa.
  74. See Angel Falls.
  75. Hike the Fish River Canyon in Namibia.
  76. Cross a gorge on a rope bridge.
  77. Take a submarine below 500 ft.
  78. Climb a glacier in Chile.
  79. Dive the Blue Hole in Belize.
  80. H.A.L.O. jump.
  81. Rapel Notch Peak.
  82. Raft class 5 rapids.
  83. Publish a book of my photographs.
  84. Always be there when my loved ones need me most.
  85. Launch a system that facilitates the Team Death Punch adventure for millions of people.
  86. Start a “pay it forward” process for putting people through college.
  87. Smile just before death.