Things Done…

Here is a list of things Thad has done so far.

  1. Fall in love.
  2. Write a physics book ‘Einstein’s Intuition‘ that explores the assumption that the vacuum is a superfluid.
  3. Sail across an ocean: through the Panama canal, to the San Blas Islands, Columbia, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Bermuda, and across to the island of Flores in the Azores, Portugal in a small sailboat – a 55′ Sloop (2013).
  4. Work for NASA: Astrophysicist 2000, Geo-astrophysicist 2001, Flight Lead 2002.
  5. Discover a New dinosaur species: A Ceratopsian & a Hadrosaur with the Utah Museum of Natural History, lead by Scott Sampson Ph.D., near Rincon Colorado, Coahuila State, United States of Mexico.
  6. Touch the moon/ make love on the moon (2002).
  7. See the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator – the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (2013).
  8. Fly the MBS Space Shuttle: 7.1 hours, 14 landings, 3 of which achieved a 0.0 decent rate. 
  9. Survive sailing through a tropical storm in the Bermuda Triangle (tropical storm Andrea, 30 foot swells, 65 knot winds, for 31 hours, 2013).
  10. Explore  the ruins, jungles, and  cenotes  of Central America (8 month adventure with Angela, exploring wild Mexico,  Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama,  living out of our Vanagon named WIGGLES, 2013).
  11. Raise $10,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, research department by mountain biking from SLC to San Francisco. ~810 miles. (Summer 1999)
  12. Earn private pilot‘s certificate and high performance rating (Private on 4-1-2000, at Great Western Aviation, SLIA & HPR at Evanston WY, while exploring Flaming Gorge).
  13. Become proficient in SCUBA diving: Open Water, Advanced, and Rescue Diver SCUBA Certificate, Blue Lake, PADI; NASA NBL Nitrox Certification. [Also dove as a Flight Lead in conjunction with Astronaut training at the Neutral Bouyancy Laboratory (NBL) at JSC, NASA.]
  14. Go on a mining expedition: Peru, 2 miles deep. I plucked a 2 inch Pyrite crystal from the celing, and the rocks burned a hole in my jeans when I sat down (2000).
  15. Successfully prospect for dinosaur fossils: The Kaiparowits Plateau, The Smokey Mountains of Utah’s Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, and Coahuila State, Mexico as a volunteer with the Utah Museum of Natural History.
  16. Earn three bachelor’s degrees: BS Physics, BS Anthropology, and BS Philosophy (University of Utah).
  17. Meet Sheldon Goldstein, Detlef Dürr and Nino Sanghí – the fathers of modern Bohmian mechanics. (At the Physics and Philosophy of Time summer school in the Black Forest of Germany, 2013)
  18. Explore 100+ beaches: Peru 5, East coast U.S. 14, Gulf of Mexico U.S. 21, California 67+, Hawaii 23, Peru 2, Japan 2, Mexico 42, Belize 6, Guatemala 3, El Salvador 3, Honduras 2, Nicaragua 7, Costa Rica 11, Panama 9, Colombia 1, Cayman Islands 4, Cuba 3, Bermuda 5, Azores 4, Greece 14, Turkey 2.
  19. Explore beach caves: Abalone State Park, CA, (swam all the way through), El Matador State Beach, CA, (three caves allowing secret access to hidden beaches), Costa Rica, Bermuda.
  20. Touch a cloud with my hand while flying through it.
  21. Uncover a pyramid complex in the wild that hasn’t been excavated (Mexico, 2013).
  22. Be a volunteer firefighter: Nassau Bay Fire Department, TX (2000-2002).
  23. Explore a sunken ship: Off the famed casino on Santa Catalina Island.
  24. Work at an observatory: Founded the University of Utah Astronomical Society (UUAS), remained president for several years, ran star parties, procured funding for new telescopes, CCD cameras, organized and led camping star parties.
  25. Meet Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong: At AIAA meeting in Houston; and at the MBSSS respectively. (2001, Buzz again in 2014)
  26. Get lost in a forest.
  27. Float around the International Space Station: Training the Astronauts for their Extra Vehicular Activities (EVA’s, “space-walks”).
  28. Experience zero gravity: In a Cessna 172 & 182, 20 minutes collectively.
  29. Take pictures of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
  30. Mine for rare minerals and gem stones: Bixbyite, Red Beryl, Topaz, Pyrite, Galena, Tourmaline, etc. (Mostly in the Wah Wah Mountains).
  31. Feel the static rise before lightning: Most importantly on top of the Enchanted Rock batholith in Enchanted Rock State Park, TX. – Kaydee’s wet, 3 foot long, thick, Persian hair was standing straight up!
  32. Wake up to a better dream.
  33. Have a spiritual connection with Nature: Best were atop the mountain temple of Machu Piccu, Peru, Secret Canyon, Lake Powell, Buckskin Gultch, Spooky & Peek-a-boo, Gandy Warm Springs, and Meadow Springs.
  34. See the southern cross: From Arequipa.
  35. Watch a meteor shower from a Hot Spring: Meadow Springs, UT.
  36. See Niagra Falls from the Candian and U.S. sides.
  37. Learn to sail: Taught by Patrick the “Pirate” in the Gulf of Mexico, Clear Lake, TX.
  38. Discover a Tyranasaurid tooth: 5th unearthed in Utah, near Joe’s Valley, now catalogued in the UMNH.
  39. Experience severe dehydration in a desert: On Slick Rock Trail, Moab and once between Buckskin Gulch and Lee’s Ferry.
  40. Go off a waterfall: In the San Marcos River, TX & dozens in Havasupai .
  41. Hike over 100 different trails: From Adams Canyon to Twin Peaks, UT, Mexico, Southern Utah, Nevada, California, Hawaii, Peru.
  42. See a tornado: Texas.
  43. See the northern lights: From south of Vegas, SLC, and Yellowstone.
  44. Learn to oil paint: Prefer realistic (landscapes and portraits).
  45. Explore Goblin Valley: Played Hide-n-go-seek, explored its secrets with Angela, Marcus, Matt, Steven, and Pam.
  46. Become an Eagle Scout: learned what lingerie is.
  47. Explore a black sand beach: Near Hana, Maui.
  48. Watch Old Faithful erupt in Yellowstone National Park.
  49. Play with lightning bugs “fire flies”: best place was outside the George Observatory, HMNH, in Brazos Bend, TX.
  50. Unearth a raptor’s claw (ungle): From the San Rafael Swell on a dig.
  51. Jump off a bridge: Train bridge passing over the San Marcos River with Tiffany.
  52. Experience cliff diving: Best places = off the southernmost tip of the United States, Big Island Hawaii, Pedernales River, TX., Flaming Gorge, Lake Powell & and Sand Hollow.
  53. Hike from Buckskin Gultch to Lee’s Ferry: The world’s longest Slot Canyon. An amazing trip!!!
  54. Explore Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge: From Bullfrog to the Glen Canyon Dam.
  55. Find plant fossils: Best ones were near the 68 by Utah Lake.
  56. Dig ammonite fossils: Lake Whitney, TX.
  57. Mine pyrite crystals: Peru, North end of the Fish Springs Range in UT.
  58. Touch a dolphin in the wild: Huntington Beach, CA.
  59. Excavate a cuttable red beryl gemstone: Near Topaz Mountain. Less than 20 samples exist of equal or greater weight and quality. (As of 2001.)
  60. Raft the Snake River.
  61. Find dinosaur tracks: Utah, Texas, and Mexico.
  62. Play with a sea turtle in the wild: Molokini Island, and the Big Island, Hawaii.
  63. Spend 3 weeks traveling from coast to coast for less than $300.00
  64. Watch a Space Shuttle launch: (STS 105) Cape Canaveral.
  65. Learn to Kayak: First outdoor in Santa Catalina Island, best in the Puget Sound of Seattle, with Angela and Jason, under a full moon, completely cloudless night sky and glass water.
  66. Have my ass kicked by a dinosaur: A T-rex from the Brigham Young Museum of Natural History.
  67. Learn to surf: Southern California.
  68. Spend a whole day laughing: Best one on Newport Beach.
  69. Excavate Utah’s first T-rex fossil near Joe’s Valley.
  70. See a UFO: In the West Desert in Utah along with the rest of the star party from the University of Utah Astronomical Society, Near Dugway.
  71. Make and fly a kite: Lost and found 3 over the U mountain.
  72. View over 100 objects in space through a telescope.
  73. Photograph a nebula: Dumbbell nebula, Ring nebula, the Orion nebula, etc.
  74. Make a green fire: Joe’s Valley.
  75. Squeeze through the Birth Canal near termination of the Nutty Puddy Caves, West of Utah Lake. (Now closed)
  76. Find a Native American arrowhead: Mexico.
  77. Build a huge snowman in a Federal Prison Camp, symbolically standing up against oppression. (FPC, Florence)
  78. Watch Apollo 13 inside the old Apollo Mission Control Room at NASA (projected on the wall).
  79. Float in the hot springs of Cuatrocienegas, Coahuila, Mexico.
  80. Watch a volcano erupt and collect a “new rock.” (Big Island, Hawaii)
  81. Visit Kitty Hawk, Write Brother’s National Monument.
  82. Dig up over 100 fossil shark teeth: In Aurora, North Carolina + a Megladon tooth.
  83. Body surf at a nude beach. – Makena Beach, “little beach,” 2nd cove, Maui.
  84. Overcome a blinding conviction: Most significantly on Valentine’s Day 1999 – stopped being Mormon, stopped judging others and myself, and started wearing real underwear. :-)
  85. Lose everything that wasn’t real: July 20, 2002 – the day I got arrested.
  86. Spend Six months entirely unconnected with the modern world: overshot that a bit with over 6 years in Federal Prison.
  87. Spark a scientific debate: ongoing, but it has been sparked. Introduced an eleven-dimensional geometry, based on the assumption that the vacuum is a superfluid, that may have the potential to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics into one complete intuitively accessible map.
  88. Complete 50 expressive art pieces.
  89. Hike the Seven Sacred Pools in Maui, Hawaii.
  90. Go cave diving: Gandy Warm Springs (beautiful experience), and Meadow Hot Springs.
  91. Learn to ski & snowboard (taught by Shauna and Angela, Park City, 2010).
  92. Feel an earthquake (April 15th 2010, 5.0) Was in the CTIHB on the top floor at the University of Utah.
  93. Give a TED Talk (TEDxBoulder, August 7th, 2010).
  94. Teach science and inspire students to follow their curiosity. (Teaching Assistant with excellent student evaluations at the University of Utah for the following classes: World of Dinosaurs (GEO 1040), Observational Astronomy (PHYS 4060), General Physics Lab (PHYS 1809), General Physics I and II (PHYS 2010 and 2020), General Physics Lab I and II (PHYS 2015/2025), and Myth, Magic, and Religion (ANTH 4171). Was also an Adult Continuing Education Instructor for 4 consecutive years in the Federal Prison Camp at Florence, Colorado for the following classes: Astronomy, Basic Science, and Beginning Art.)
  95. Exceed 60 mph on a mountain bike: Down the canyons around SLC.
  96. Rock climb: In Joshua Tree National Park, Moab, and Central Utah.
  97. Ride a switch back train: From Cusco to Machu Piccu.
  98. Swim over ten miles (Swim Team, Clearfield High).
  99. Learn to play the piano.
  100. Learn to ride a horse: Syracuse, UT.
  101. Write a perspective changing book (Einstein’s Intuition) in prison. (Explores the possibility that the vacuum is a superfluid constructing a candidate theory for the theory of quantum gravity.
  102. Discover the geometric origins of the constants of Nature (they all naturally depend on the seven geometric parameters that encode quantum space theory).
  103. Launch my iPhone (and GoPro) to near space and get my own video/pictures of Earth from that perspective. (Took a few tries.)
  104. Photograph the Venetian Transit of 2012 and the Solar Eclipse from Horseshoe Bend.